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Fielder House History

Sixteen years ago Jeannie Garrett's parents bought this little house in Eclectic with plans of renovating it and making it a second home when visiting grandchildren.  When they worked on the house together, it was the happiest Jeannie had ever seen them.  

"Grandpop" passed away in 2009 and "Grandmother" followed in 2013.  Jeannie inherited the house but couldn't bear to sell it.  She thought it might become an office building for her husband Tom one day when he retired.

Fast forward to February 2020, when history buffs Jeannie, Tom, and their friend Brian Powell started talking about the possibility of going in to business together.  Brian has great business skills, Tom is a talented woodworker, and Jeannie has a house-an antique house.  

Within 30 minutes the three friends had the beginnings of a plan for Fielder House Antiques.  Eight months later they opened for business.

Oh, and the name? Dr. M. L. Fielder moved to this area in 1877 and opened a post office in his home, naming it Eclectic after his favorite class of study- eclectic medicine. Within a few years the entire town took on the name Eclectic.  Tom and Jeannie now live at his original homesite. 

130 Main Street   Eclectic, AL

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